Alaska Justice Forum 13(4), Winter 1997


"Court Interpreting: Complexities and Misunderstandings" by Haydee Claus

Accurately interpreting to and from English in proceedings requires a language proficiency often misunderstood by participants in the court proceedings, and lack of proficient interpretation can give rise to errors with threaten the integrity of the justice process. A certified interpreter for the federal and California court systems corrects misunderstandings about the nature of language interpretation in legal proceedings.

"Committees Examine Interpretation"

Two committees examine the problems presented by language interpretation and court proceedings in state and federal courts in Alaska.

"Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System (A BJS Report)"
by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports on noncitizens in U.S. federal courts and prisons; the Justice Center presents additional information about "Noncitizens in Alaska".

"Angell Retires"

Dr. John E. Angell retires from his position as Director of the UAA Justice Center after over twenty years of service at the University of Alaska Anchorage.