Alaska Justice Forum 14(4), Winter 1998


"Alaska Juvenile Arrests: Basic Figures"

Most juvenile arrests, in both Alaska and the country as a whole, are made for property crimes rather than crimes against persons. Moreover, despite the common belief to the contrary, there has been no significant upward trend in juvenile arrests in Alaska. This article presents figures on juvenile arrests in Alaska over a ten-year period from 1987 to 1996, during which the rate of arrests of Alaska juvenile actually declined.

"Alaska Juveniles Waived into the Adult System"

This brief article describes the provisions under Alaska Statutes for juveniles to be waivered into the adult justice system, and provides figures for juvenile waivers in Alaska from 1993 to 1997.

"Sensemaking and the Stereotype of the Brutal Guard" by John Riley

This article reports on observational research conducted during the winter of 1993 at Spring Creek Correctional Center, a maximum security prison in Seward, Alaska. It analyzes the informal conversational patterns of correctional officers working in prison to show how practices of cultural interpretation common to all work groups may pose particular public relations challenges to correctional officers and those who supervise them.

"Juvenile Records in Alaska"

This article summarizes procedures and laws regarding records of juvenile offenders in Alaska, including discussion of fingerprinting and the confidentiality of juvenile records.

"National Perspective: Juvenile Justice Record Disclosure"

This article summarizes practices in the U.S. on the disclosure of records about juvenile offenders.

"Death Penalty Internet Site"

The Justice Center has developed a new website, Focus on the Death Penalty, established to provide as full a picture as possible, using Internet sources, of the complexities surrounding capital punishment.