Alaska Justice Forum 15(2), Summer 1998


"Native Employment in the Alaska Justice System" by Antonia Moras

An examination of the number of Alaska Natives and American Indians employed by Alaska justice system agencies, both state and federal, revealed that the number of Alaska Natives employed in 1998 was still low and tended to be concentrated in lower level, non-policy-making positions. The article also contains information on recruitment approaches, and testing and hiring practices.

"Prisoners in 1997: The State and Federal Picture (A BJS Report)" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Since 1987, Alaska's prison population has grown by 45.5 percent. In 1997 alone, the growth rate was 13.6 percent, one of the highest in the nation. Based on Bureau of Justice Statistics reports, this article presents statistics on prison populations in federal and state prisons in the U.S., including Alaska.