Alaska Justice Forum 17( 3), Fall 2000


"Anchorage CANS Program" by Matthew Giblin

In Spring 1999, the Anchorage Police Department and the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice established a partnershp to enhance the supervision and services provided to juvenile probationers in Anchorage. Modeled after a successful program in San Diego County, California, the Anchorage Coordinated Agency Network (CANS) program extended the supervisory arm of the youth probation office by having Anchorage police officers make random visits to juvenile probationers. This article discusses an evaluation conducted by the Justice Center of the program's pilot phase from June to December 1999. Juveniles in the CANS program are more likely to have technical violations of their probation than juvenile probationers in a control group, but the increased supervision also enhances the level of accountability for a juvenile's actions, and may reduce the level of new charges.

"Interpreting and Translating in Alaska's Legal System: Further Discussion" by Phyllis Morrow

Skilled and effective interpreting and translating are critical for access to justice in cases involving speakers of language other than English. This article discusses continuing efforts in the Alaska judicial system to identify Alaska needs and recommend actions for the improvement of communication in cross-linguistic legal situations and reports on proceedings of an Alaska Bar Association session on "Mutual Understanding: Interpreting and Translating in Alaska's Legal System."

"Review Essay — Newjack: Beyond the Stereotype of the Brutal Guard" by John Riley

Portrayals of correctional guards in popular culture are almost consistently unflatteringl. Correctional officers are depicted as inherently sadistic and mindlessly authoritarian, as one-dimensional characters without redeeming qualities. In contrast, Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing gives an inside look at the work of correctional guards. Its author, Ted Conover, spent a year working as a "newjack" – the inmate term for a newly-minted New York correctional officer – in New York's Sing Sing prison. This review argues that Conover's book offers readers an opportunity to go beyond stereotypes to understand how the prison experience influences the lives and relationships of correctional officers.

"Justice Center 25th Anniversary"

The Justice Center at University of Alaska Anchorage celebrates its 25th year as a research, academic, and public education institution. The Justice Center was established in 1975.