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Alaska Justice Forum, Volume 20

Alaska Justice Forum 20(1), Spring 2003

The Spring 2003 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum focuses on immigration, with articles on operations of the former Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) in Alaska (FY 1999–20010 and immigration court in Anchorage (1993–2002), the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, the reorganization of INS under the new Department of Homeland Security, and noncitizens among Anchorage arrestees.

Alaska Justice Forum 20(2), Summer 2003

The Summer 2003 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum features articles on findings from a survey of adult victims of crime in Anchorage, figures on correctional populations in Alaska and nationally, and visa protections for immigrant victims of crime.

Alaska Justice Forum 20(3), Fall 2003

The Fall 2003 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum focuses on public satisfaction in Anchorage related to public services and policing, with articles on results of a survey of Anchorage residents in relation to police performance, emergency medical services, public transportation, snow removal and schools; and furhter information on public satisfaction with Anchorage police derived from the Anchorage Adult Criminal Victimization Survey. 

Alaska Justice Forum 20(4), Winter 2004

The Winter 2004 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum features articles on forcible rapes and sexual assaults reported to Anchorage Police Department in 2000–2001, the growth of prison populations in the U.S., a review of an Alaska Judicial Council study of felony case process, options for indigent defense in Alaska, and dispositions of sexual asssault cases in Alaska.