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Alaska Justice Forum 20(3), Fall 2003

The Fall 2003 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum focuses on public satisfaction in Anchorage related to public services and policing, with articles on results of a survey of Anchorage residents in relation to police performance, emergency medical services, public transportation, snow removal and schools; and furhter information on public satisfaction with Anchorage police derived from the Anchorage Adult Criminal Victimization Survey.

"Anchorage Community Indicators"

Using data from a telephone survey conducted in late spring 2003, this article presents descriptive maps of Anchorage residents’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction in relation to five issues: police performance, emergency medical services, public transportation, snow removal and schools. Data tables for each question are also included.

"A Further Perspective on Satisfaction with Policing" by Matthew Giblin

A telephone survey, the Anchorage Adult Criminal Victimization Survey (AACVS), conducted by the Justice Center in spring 2002 revealed widespread satisfaction with policing in Anchorage. In particular, those survey participants who perceived a police presence in their neighborhood and those who perceived the police as involved in community policing registered very solid levels of satisfaction. The general level of satisfaction expressed was somewhat higher than that registered from 12 other municipalities participating in a similar study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This article summarizes AACVS findings on community satisfaction with police and compares AACVS results with findings from a similar victimization survey conducted in 1998 in 12 other U.S. cities.