Alaska Justice Forum 23(3), Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum features articles on the history and use of crime mapping by American police departments, an overview of Alaska and national figures on immigration, and findings from the Bureau of Justice Statistics on mental health and treatment in federal and state prisons and jails.

"The History of Crime Mapping and Its Use by American Police Departments" by Sharon Chamard

Crime mapping has long been used as a tool in policing and has been adopted broadly since the advent of desktop computers made mapping dramatically easier. This article provides a brief history of crime mapping, its advantages and disadvantages, the spread of its use by American police departments and discontinuance of its use by some departments. A chloropleth map showing licensed liquor establishments in relationship to 200' and 500' buffers around churches and schools in midtown Anchorage is offered as an example of crime mapping. A brief bibliography on crime mapping is included.

"A Look at Immigration Numbers" by Antonia Moras

This article provides an overview of the most reliable figures on immigration — both authorized and unauthorized — for the United States as a whole and for Alaska in particular.

"Inmate Mental Health and Treatment: A BJS Report" by the Bureau of Justice Statistics

More than half of all state prison and jail inmates in the United States at midyear 2005 had a mental health problems, as did almost half of federal prisons. By comparison, of American adults aged 18 years or over in the general population, about 11 percent are estimated to have mental health disorders. These and other findings from the Bureau of Justice Statistics study "Mental Health Problems of Prison and Jail Inmates" (NCJ 213600) are reported here.

DV Protective Order

Announcing the availability of "Domestic Violence Protective Orders," an instructional video produced for the Alaska Court System's Family Law Self-Help Center.

Rural Justice Bibliography

Announcing the publication of Alaska Rural Justice Issues: A Selected Bibliography.