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Alaska Justice Forum 24(1), Spring 2007

The Spring 2007 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum features articles describing stalking incidents reported to Alaska State Troopers from 1994 to 2005, a discussion of Alaska's 1993 stalking statute and a suggested update to it; and current visa programs which address the needs for guest workers in Alaska and the U.S.

"Stalking in Alaska" by André B. Rosay, Greg Postle, Katherine TePas, and Darryl Wood

A recent Justice Center examination of Alaska State Trooper case files has revealed that the crime of stalking is probably greatly underreported by victims as well as underrecognized by law enforcement and hence not charged often enough in Alaska. Data from all stalking incidents reported to Alaska State Troopers from 1994 to 2005 were collected to gather descriptive information. The research provides a first overview of a specific crime whose characteristics are not widely known beyond the justice community.

"Stalking Crimes: Do Alaska Stalking Laws Serve Their Purpose in a Wireless, Social Networking Age?" by Pamela Kelley

Alaska adopted a stalking statute in 1993. More than a decade later, the National Center for Victims of Crime empanelled a Model Stalking Code Advisory Board to evaluate stalking legislation throughout the United States. In part because of technological changes, the advisory board concluded there was a need to promulgate an updated criminal stalking statutory model. This article examines the suggested statutory update and explores whether a needs exists in Alaska warranting revision of Alaska’s criminal statutes.

"Current Guest Worker Programs"

A major aspect of the current debate on U.S. immigration policy centers on the on-going need in some industries, businesses, and professions for professional, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled workers. In Alaska, the demand is for workers in the fishing industry. This article discusses current visa programs which address the needs for guest workers.

"Justice Center Departures"

Announcing the departure of Robert Langworthy and Darryl Wood from the Justice Center.