Sexual violence research in Alaska by UAA Justice Center: Newest issue of the Alaska Justice Forum released (press release)

Press Release

 Sexual violence research in Alaska by UAA Justice Center: Newest issue of the Alaska Justice Forum released

Released by the University of Alaska Anchorage

October 6, 2008

ANCHORAGE, AK – The University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center released the newest issue of the Alaska Justice Forum that is focused solely on sexual violence in Alaska.  

It includes articles on the attrition of sexual violence cases through the Alaska legal system, Alaska’s sex offender registration and public notification statute, sexual assault and sexual abuse of minor incidents reported to Alaska State Troopers, sexual assault nurse examinations in Alaska, and the recidivism of Alaska sex offenders.  This issue presents a thorough review of sexual violence research in Alaska by examining the nature of sexual violence, case prosecution, offender recidivism, public safety, and rehabilitation.

The Alaska Justice Forum revealed some unexpected findings, including:

  • Cases of Alaska Native victims are as likely, or even more likely, to be processed by the criminal justice system relative to the cases of non-Native victims.
  • Victims of sexual violence in bush and isolated communities are more likely to have their cases referred to prosecutors by Alaska State Troopers and to have their cases accepted for prosecution by the Alaska Department of Law.
  • Although cases occurring in locations with predominately Alaska Native populations are generally believed to be underserved by the Alaska State Troopers, results show that those cases were just as likely, or actually more likely, to receive full enforcement and prosecution.

The Alaska Justice Forum, a publication of the Alaska Justice Center, is a quarterly journal on criminal and civil justice topics with an emphasis on the Alaska justice system.  

The publication reaches members of the state legislature, Alaska state government officials, the Alaska U.S. congressional delegation, the bar, the judiciary, correctional and law enforcement agencies, research libraries throughout the country, social service agencies and the general media.

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Available sources for interviews are:

University of Alaska Anchorage
Dr. André B. Rosay: (907) 786-1821 or

University of Washington Vancouver
Dr. Darryl Wood: (907) 360-7454 or

Alaska State Troopers
Katherine TePas: (907) 269-5412 or

Forensic Nurse Services
Tara Henry: (907) 227-6654 or