Alaska Justice Forum 30(2), Summer 2013

The Summer 2013 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum includes articles on reducing sales of alcohol to underage persons, leading causes of death including homicide and suicide, experience of racism in Anchorage, selection and evaluation of Alaska judges since 1984, and an update from the Criminal Justice Working Group.

"Reducing Sales of Alcohol to Underage Persons in Alaska"
by Marny Rivera and Shirley Coté

As part of the strategy to reduce sales of alcohol to underage persons, the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board) has utilized ABC enforcement officers and youthful-looking underage persons to conduct compliance checks at retail establishments in Alaska for well over a decade. This article looks at the compliance check program in Alaska and the comprehensive effort required to reduce retail alcohol access to underage persons. Includes a brief bibliography of studies and articles on underage alcohol and tobacco prevention programs.

"Leading Causes of Death 2007-2010" by Sharon Chamard

This article reviews the most current data on the leading causes of death in Alaska and the United States as a whole, then focuses more closely on homicide and suicide. Homicide and/or suicide were among the five leading causes of death for ages 5 through 64 in Alaska during 2007-2009 and for ages 0 (birth) to 54 nationally in 2010. Data are derived from the National Vital Statistics Reporting Program (NVSR) and the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics. Includes a brief bibliography of resources on suicide and suicide prevention in Alaska.

"Experience of Racism in Anchorage" by Melissa S. Green and Sharon Chamard

This article looks at experiences of racism reported by adults in the Municipality of Anchorage who responded to the 2009 Anchorage Community Survey (ACS). About one-third of all respondents answered Yes at least once when asked about whether they had experienced racism in nine different situations. Experience of racism was reported by members of all races/ethnicities, but the percentage of whites/Caucasians who reported such experiences was far lower in most situations than for other races/ethnicities.

"Selecting and Evaluating Alaska's Judges: 1984–2012" by Teresa White Carns

Alaska chooses and retains judges through a merit selection process established by the Alaska Constitution and administered by the Alaska Judicial Council. which is designed to select the best judges possible and provide accountability to the public. This article highlights findings of the Council's third report on judicial selection and retention, describing characteristics, legal experience, and bar survey ratings of judicial applicants, nominees, and appointees from 1984 to 2012.

"Criminal Justice Working Group Update" by Teresa White Carns

An update on current work being conducted by the Criminal Justice Working Group (CWCG): a pilot electronic discovery project in Juneau; results of a study on how court-appointed counsel in criminal cases are appointed; information-sharing among criminal justice agencies; the Prisoner Re-Entry Task Force; and juveniles in the adult criminal justice system. CWCG is coordinated and staffed by the Alaska Judicial Council.

"Faculty News"

Dr. André Rosay has returned from Washington, D.C., and resumed his duties as Director of the Justice Center.