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Alaska Justice Forum 31(3–4), Fall 2014/Winter 2015

Alaska Justice Forum 31(3-4), Fall 2014/Winter 2015

Alaska Justice Forum 31(3-4), Fall 2014/Winter 2015"Tribal Courts in Alaska"

An introduction to the this issue of the Alaska Justice Forum, which focuses on topics related to tribal courts in Alaska.

"Survey of Tribal Court Effectiveness Studies"
by Ryan Fortson and Jacob A. Carbaugh

An examination of empirical studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of tribal courts, both in terms of reduction in recidivism and participant attitudes, and a look at some of the challenges to implementing a tribal court effectiveness study in Alaska. Includes a bibliography.

"Restorative Justice: Theory, Processes, and Application in Rural Alaska"
by Jeff D. May

An exploration of the principles behind using restorative justice as an alternate form of sentencing in criminal cases, with a focus particularly on how restorative justice might be of benefit in rural Alaska. Includes a bibliography.

"Restorative Justice Programs and Sentencing"

A look at amendments to Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure 11(i) and Delinquency Rules 21(d)(3) and 23(f) which describe the requirements for referral to a restorative justice program as part of the sentencing process.

"Community Justice Initiatives in the Galena District Court" by Jeff D. May

An examination of a community outreach program in rural Alaska whereby an Alaska Court System judge uses restorative justice principles in village sentencing hearings.

"Key Acts and Cases for Alaska Tribal Court Jurisdiction" by Ryan Fortson

An annotated survey of Alaska and federal case law and statutes tracing the development of tribal court jurisdiction in Alaska.

"Current Issues Regarding Alaska Tribal Court Jurisdiction" by Ryan Fortson

An examination of some of the unresolved issues that will shape tribal court jurisdiction in Alaska in coming years.

"Rural Governance Report 2014" by Mara Kimmel

Highlights from the 2014 report of the reconvened Rural Governance Commission, with a focus on pathways necessary to ensure public safety for rural Alaskans.

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