Alaska Justice Forum 32(1), Spring 2015

Alaska Justice Forum 32(1), Spring 2015

PDF of Spring 2015 issue"Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Association with Alcohol Abuse by Alaska Adults" by Marny Rivera and Patrick Sidmore

This article examines the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) - such as abuse and household dysfunction in childhood - and its association with adoption by Alaska adults of the health-risk behaviors of heavy and binge drinking. The behavioral health of Alaskans could be improved by addressing the association between ACEs and health-risk drinking behaviors, and establishing an integrated prevention system. A statistical web supplement provides supporting statistical information.

"Expungement and Limiting Public Access to Alaska Criminal Case Records in the Digital Age" by Barbara Armstrong and Deborah Periman

A criminal record results in a number of different barriers to reentry into the community for former offenders. These barriers - also called collateral consequences - can be mitigated by reducing the extent to which criminal records are visible to employers, landlords, and others. This article provides an overview of the complexity involved in limiting public access to criminal records, processes adopted in other states, and recent legislative proposals and current options in Alaska.

"Contacts between Anchorage Adults and Police" by Brad A. Myrstol

This article presents selected results from a pilot study of police-citizen contacts conducted in Anchorage, Alaska in May 2013. The pilot study was part of a larger effort to establish a statewide police-public contact survey that will allow for comparison between Alaska-specific and national police-public contact estimates.

"Officer-Involved Shootings in Anchorage 1993-2013" by Troy C. Payne

This article presents findings from the December 2013 report Officer-Involved Shootings in Anchorage 1993-2013, which describes shootings involving officers of the Anchorage Police Department (APD) for the period January 1, 1993 through May 11, 2013.