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This article also appears in the Summer 2017 print edition.

Pamela Cravez, editor of the Alaska Justice ForumFor over 30 years, the Alaska Justice Forum has provided in depth research on justice topics. I am honored to take over as editor. I’ve spent the last 35 years working as a writer and editor. And, a few years as a trial and appellate lawyer. I’ve written about Alaska’s territorial lawyers and judges and the beginning of Alaska’s state court system as well as gender equality issues among lawyers. What draws me to the Forum is the importance of providing scholarly discourse on justice issues. At a time when there are deep divides and differing definitions of justice, clear writing that includes evidence and research is vital to grounding our understanding.

With this issue we are updating our design and enhancing our online presence. We are also asking you to help us go paperless. What will you find online? More stories, colorful charts and graphs, video, and expanded versions of print stories. We know some of you like to read hard copy, so we are including a pdf of each issue for you to download and print.

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Finally, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know justice topics you’d like to read about, what we’re doing well and how we could improve.

Pamela Cravez

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