Alaska Justice Forum 34(1), Summer 2017

Alaska Justice Forum 34(1), Summer 2017


Alaska Justice Forum redesign

Alaska Justice Forum 34(1), Summer 2017The Alaska Justice Forum, a publication of the Justice Center at UAA, has a new look and new web presence. We are phasing out hard copies and moving toward online delivery with more articles and updated stories. Sign up here.

(Photo) Vickie Wilson & Doris Poland

Older Women Face Abuse

André B. Rosay

This article examines psychological and physical abuse against women in Alaska who are aged 60 or older and compares these rates to national rates.  Read more

(Photo) L. Diane Casto & André RosayCasto and Rosay talk about elder abuse

L. Diane Casto, Executive Director of the Alaska Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, talks with André Rosay, Director of the Justice Center, about elder abuse in Alaska. See the video

(Photo) Alaska Psychiatric Institute, 1968Lack of Psychiatric Beds and Consequences

Pamela Cravez

Dr. Anne Zink, Medical Director at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center (MSRMC) and head of Mat-Su’s Emergency Department (ED), is seeing more and more psychiatric emergencies.  Read more

(Photo) Spirits of Alaska liquor store(Photo) Sharon ChamardCommunity Solves Liquor Store Problem

Sharon Chamard

This is the story of a successful community-based collaborative problem-solving process that serves as an example of the power that communities have to effect change, even in the face of sharp divisions.   Read more

(Photo) André B. RosayDirector's Farewell

André B. Rosay

Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center director since 2007, has been appointed associate dean for academic and student affairs in the College of Health. Dr. Rosay bids farewell to the Justice Center here.

(Photo) Pamela CravezEditor's Note

Pamela Cravez

For over 30 years, the Alaska Justice Forum has provided in depth research on justice topics. I am honored to take over as editor. I’ve spent the last 35 years working as a writer and editor.  Read more

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