Alaska Justice Forum 35(1), Summer 2018

Alaska Justice Forum 35(1), Summer 2018. A publication of the Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage

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Environmental justice: Challenges of contaminated site cleanup in rural AK

Contaminated sites in Alaska, FY 2017. Source: Contaminated Sites Database, Alaska Department of Environmental ConservationPaula Williams and Pamela Cravez

Efforts to clean up contaminated sites from military installations and other sources have been ongoing in Alaska since the 1980s. New sites continue to be identified and rural Alaska is disproportionately impacted.

Long-term impacts of environmental contaminants are ‘generational game changer’

Annie Alowa at a contaminated site on St. Lawrence Island. Photo courtesy Alaska Community Action on Toxics.

While state and federal health studies recommend continued reliance upon traditional foods, St. Lawrence Island community members fear those foods may be contributing to elevated levels of PCBs and higher cancer rates.

Expanded Brownfields Program supports redevelopment in Alaska

Keku Cannery, Kake. Photo from Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

This year, Congress expanded eligibility requirements and grant limits under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program. Brownfields funds support the redevelopment of property which may have contaminants from prior use. Anchorage, Mat-Su Borough, and Kodiak Island Borough are current recipients of these funds.

Environmental justice in Alaska

Pamela Cravez, editor of the Alaska Justice ForumThe mission of the Justice Center, which publishes the Alaska Justice Forum, is to lead Alaskans toward a safer, healthier and more just society. In this issue, we look at work being done to address a backlog of contaminated sites in Alaska and the disproportionate impact upon rural Alaska Native communities.

Parole and Probation in Alaska, 2002–2016

AJiC Fact Sheet 18-02: Parole and Probation in Alaska, 2002–2016 (thumbnail)The most recent issue of the Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) Fact Sheet presents data on the characteristics of offenders who came under the supervision of the Alaska Department of Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole between 2002 and 2016. The AJiC Fact Sheet series (formerly Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center Fact Sheet) addresses various crime and criminal justice topics.

Summer 2018 print edition

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