Editor’s note

Henry Randolph

An update on the Alaska Justice Forum during times of change at the University of Alaska Anchorage, including the publication's transition to an all-digital format.

Henry Randolph, editor of the Alaska Justice ForumI’m pleased to share the latest issue of the Alaska Justice Forum, and to introduce myself as the publication’s new editor. After a year-long hiatus, all of us at the Justice Center are happy to be moving forward with the Forum again, and continuing its tradition of research and analysis on Alaska-focused criminal justice issues.

I look forward to guiding the Forum as it builds on its strengths and expands in new directions. In this spirit of change, the publication will be transitioning to an all-digital format starting with this issue. You will begin to receive issues of the Forum exclusively by email, and you can also read new articles on the Justice Center website at any time.

Our move to an all-digital format gives us more flexibility to shape the future of the Forum — and, ultimately, helps us ensure that it continues to be valuable for practitioners and policymakers in our state. With this in mind, we will be looking at other potential changes to the publication in the near future, which I am excited to share with you.

I also want to acknowledge that this issue comes at a time of change for the University of Alaska Anchorage, which is home to the Justice Center and the Forum. Regardless of the potential challenges we face, our intention is to continue adapting this publication so that it best serves its ultimate purpose: helping our readers make informed, evidence-based decisions in justice-related policy and practice. This is what makes the Forum such a unique resource in Alaska, and it is why we strongly believe in its enduring value.

I invite you to help us along the way. One of the best ways you can support the Forum is by providing your input about what you think of the current issue, which articles you find useful and relevant, and what you would like to see in this publication going forward. Please feel free to contact me at hcrandolph@alaska.edu with your ideas and feedback.

Henry Randolph