Justice Alumni Chapter

Welcome to the Justice Alumni Chapter! We are part of the UAA Alumni Association and look forward to alums joining us for special events, networking, mentoring students, re-engaging with faculty, and presenting guest lectures to classes.

Mission Statement

To advance UAA by fostering Justice student success, and by connecting alumni to one another and to the University through meaningful events, service, and communication.


  • President: Beth Mader, Justice BA (1994)
  • Vice President: Ezekiel Kaufman, Justice BA (2012)
  • Secretary: Bridgette Ellis, Justice (2004)
  • Terasurer: Melanie Osborne, Justice BA (1992)


Contact Us

Email us at alumni.justice@uaa.alaska.edu if you would like to:

  • join the Justice Alumni Chapter and get email notification of events;
  • get our weekly Justice Center blog updates;
  • send us information about what you are doing these days and a photo; and/or
  • get an email notification of releases of Justice Center publications, including the research journal Alaska Justice Forum.

Questions about the Justice Alumni Chapter?

You can contact the following: