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Rapes and aggravated assaults push Alaska’s violent-crime rates up; property-crime rates fall

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UAA's Alaska Justice Information Center presented data from 1979 thru 2021 to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Troy C. Payne, Director of AJIC wrote "After a large increase in the mid-2010’s, motor vehicle theft has been trending down since 2018. In both trend and magnitude, Alaska is similar to the national average for property offenses. Alaska has consistently had higher-than-average rates of violence since 1993."

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Fact Sheet Identifies Trends in Alaska Court Caseloads

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An analysis by the Alaska Justice Information Center of state court system data shows a steady decrease in trial court filings for violent and property crimes, but an increase in weapons case filings.

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AJiC Fact Sheet on property crime focuses on motor vehicle theft

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The January 2019 issue of the Alaska Justice Information Center Fact Sheet, "Property Crime in Alaska 1985–2017," describes Alaska property crime trends from 1985 through 2017, with a focus on motor vehicle theft rate trends.