Minor Consuming Alcohol (MCA) Conference

by Melissa Green  |   

The Minor Consuming Alcohol (MCA) Conference was organized in response to concern about MCA cases and underage drinking in Alaska, and was held April 4, 2014, at the Alaska Court System's Snowden Training Center in downtown Anchorage.

Conference sponsors were the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and the Minor Consuming Alcohol Subcommittee — chaired by Palmer Superior Court Judge Eric Smith, Third Judicial District — of the Alaska Supreme Court's Fairness, Diversity, and Equality Committee.

Participants included state and tribal court judges, tribal representatives, attorneys, law enforcement, researchers, and health and education professionals. Goals of the conference were to explore the various approaches Alaska communities are using in handling MCA cases, to review research and resources, and to discuss best practices and the effectiveness of programs, including community and tribal diversion panels and Juvenile Alcohol Safety Action Programs (JASAPs). Photographs and a synopsis of the conference are on the UAA Justice Center blog.

Materials from the conference and selected post-conference resources are archived below, and provide a view of Alaska research, policy, and practice on MCA, efforts underway to improve how Alaska communities address underage drinking, and efforts to reform regulation and control of alcoholic beverages in Alaska under Alaska's Title 4 at the time of the conference through 2018. In 2016, with the signing of Senate Bill 165 into Alaska law, the penalty for underage drinking was reduced from a misdemeanor to a violation.

Chief Justice Dana Fabe of the Alaska Supreme Court opens the Minor Consuming Alcohol (MCA) conference. Photo by Barbara Armstrong
Chief Justice Dana Fabe of the Alaska Supreme Court opens the Minor Consuming Alcohol (MCA) conference. Photo by Barbara Armstrong