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2017 Justice Center Events

The UAA Justice Center is a sponsor or participant in a number of events throughout the year. See individual event pages for podcasts, videos, handouts, and other resources associated with the events.

Blog post: New plan to strengthen trust between police and communityA Discussion of Community Policing in Anchorage

National Criminal Justice Month 2017Anchorage Police Officer badge, Anchorage, Alaska
March 21, 2017
UAA/APU Consortium Library

Anchorage Police Department and community leaders discussed current efforts at reducing crime, reducing fear of crime, and improving police-community relations. Resources: blog article.

Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice and Alaska Department of Corrections badgesBlog post: Corrections aiming to be gold standard in treatment of mentally illMental Health Care among Juvenile and Adult Correctional Populations

National Criminal Justice Month 2017
April 6, 2017
UAA/APU Consortium Library

Officials from the Alaska Department of Corrections and the Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice discussed how Alaska tackles the job of providing mental health care to juvenile and adult correctional populations. Resources: blog article.