Justice Center Faculty & Staff

Justice Center Team

  • Photo of Dr. Ingrid Johnson"The 2020 Alaska Victimization Survey is important because it allows us to continue monitoring trends in experiences with interpersonal violence and sexual violence over time in Alaska, but also because it includes new items, such as those on Adverse Childhood Experiences, COVID-19, as well as on how victim-survivors seek help and make sense of their experiences. The AVS will allow us to dig deeper into these experiences to better shape policy and practice."

    — Dr. Ingrid Johnson

  • Photo of Dr. Troy Payne"The Alaska Justice Information Center, or AJIC, our mission is to compile, analyze, and report on criminal justice topics to policymakers and practitioners in order to improve public safety, increase the criminal justice system accountability, and to reduce recidivism."

    — Dr. Troy Payne


Name Title Phone Email
Andre Rosay Acting Assistant Dean of Community Health 907-786-1821 abrosay@alaska.edu
Ryan Fortson Justice Center Chair, Associate Professor, Legal Studies Program Coordinator 907-786-4886 hrfortson@alaska.edu
Sharon Chamard Professor, Justice Program Coordinator 907-786-1813 sechamard@alaska.edu
Eric Croft Assistant Professor 907 786-1835 ecroft1@alaska.edu
Amy Doogan Assistant Professor 907-786-1812 adoogan@alaska.edu
Ronald Everett Associate Professor 907-786-1820 rseverett@alaska.edu
Ingrid Diane Johnson Assistant Professor 907-786-1126 idjohnson@alaska.edu
Brad Myrstol Professor 907-786-1837 bamyrstol@alaska.edu
Troy Payne Associate Professor, Alaska Justice Information Center Director 907-786-1816 tpayne9@alaska.edu
Deborah Periman Professor 907-786-1125 dkperiman@alaska.edu


Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Kathryn DuBois Associate Professor (Washington State University Vancouver) 360-546-9255 kathryn.dubois@wsu.edu
Angela Gover Professor (University of Colorado Denver) 303-315-2474 angela.gover@ucdenver.edu


Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
John E. Angell Professor Emeritus   ahjea@alaska.edu
Allan Barnes Professor Emeritus   arbarnes@alaska.edu
Robert Congdon Professor Emeritus   afrec@alaska.edu


Professional & Research Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Andrew Gonzalez Research Professional (Alaska Justice Information Center) 907-786-0403 ajgonzalez@alaska.edu
Nathan Weber Research Professional (Alaska Justice Information Center)   naweber@alaska.edu



Name Title Phone Email
Jo Walker Academic Program Specialist 907-786-1811 jlwalker2@alaska.edu