Jason Brandeis, J.D.

Jason Brandeis, J.D.

Associate Professor
Justice Center
PSB 220C
(907) 786-1812


J.D., Vermont School of Law, 2001


Jason Brandeis is an associate professor in the Justice Center. He teaches courses on the American legal system, constitutional law, and civil liberties. His research and publications focus on the history and development of marijuana law, policy, and regulation in Alaska. Prior to joining the UAA faculty, Prof. Brandeis worked as the staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska where he represented clients in constitutional litigation at all levels of the state and federal court systems, including the United States Supreme Court. He also worked as an associate attorney for the State of Alaska Public Office Commission where he advised the agency and the Attorney General’s office on political campaign finance and disclosure laws. Prof. Brandeis currently maintains a private law practice and is of counsel with the law firm Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot. His law practice focuses on constitutional issues and advising businesses and government entities on regulation of the marijuana industry.

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Research Interests

  • Constitutional law
  • Civil liberties
  • Legal education
  • Marijuana law, policy & regulation


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"Shifting Marijuana Laws and Policies: Implications for Alaska" by Jason Brandeis. Alaska Justice Forum 31(1–2): 1, 18–20 (Spring/Summer 2014).

"The Continuing Vitality of Ravin v. State: Alaskans Still Have a Constitutional Right to Possess Marijuana in the Privacy of Their Homes" by Jason Brandeis. Alaska Law Review 29(2): 175–236 (Dec 2012).

The Predictive Validity of Marijuana Odor Detection: An Examination of Alaska State Trooper Case Reports 2006–2010  by Brad A. Myrstol and Jason Brandeis. Report prepared for the Alaska State Troopers. Anchorage, AK: Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 29 Feb 2012.


"Time to Legalize? A Public Discussion on Marijuana Law and Policy" (streaming video) by Jason Brandeis, Ethan Nadelmann, Ben Cort, Dean Guaneli, Lance Buchholtz, Taylor Bickford, and Troy C. Payne. 2 hrs 7 mins. Anchorage, AK: Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014.


Professor Brandeis' Alaska Law Review article "The Continuing Vitality of Ravin v. State" was featured in the article "Tundra Green: How Alaska Became America's Marijuana Capital — An Illustrated History of Legalization on the Last Frontier" by Josh Kramer, which appeared in The Atlantic (20 Dec 2014).