Willamette University direct law school admission program — 4+3

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This inspiring partnership between UAA and Willamette University College of Law, located in Salem, Oregon, offers successful UAA students the security of knowing that if they meet pre-defined admissions requirements, they will be granted admission to law school. This encourages students interested in attending law school to attain these high academic standards. "4+3" refers to four years of undergraduate credits plus three years of law school. Read about the 4+3 program on the Willamette website and see below for details on how the program works.



Willamette University College of Law Assistant Dean of Recruitment Leah Straley speaks with students
Leah Straley, Willamette University College of Law assistant dean of recruitment, speaks with students during an information session about the UAA Direct Admission Program on Sept. 12, 2022, at the Professional Studies Building of the University of Alaska Anchorage. (Photo by Ahliil Saitanan/UAA College of Health Dean's Office)


The 4+3 Direct Admission Program allows undergraduate students studying at UAA and UAA alumni to gain admission to Willamette Law based on certain academic credentials. If a student meets these credentials, admission to Willamette Law will be assured. UAA students and alumni who are admitted under the Direct Admission Program are guaranteed a Direct Admission scholarship of $10,000, renewable each year the student is enrolled at Willamette Law and remains in good standing.

Law school admission requirements

Interested students must meet the program's eligibility requirements, as outlined below:

  1. Complete all requirements for a UAA bachelor’s degree before matriculating at Willamette Law;
  2. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 in courses taken at UAA and no lower than a 3.0 GPA on all transferred courses;
  3. Earn a minimum score on the LSAT at or above the 50th percentile of the most recent class to matriculate at the College of Law, or earn a minimum GRE score of 155 (verbal), 145 (quantitative), and 4.5 (writing);
  4. Apply to Willamette Law for admission into the full-time or part-time J.D. program between Sept. 1 and June 15 in the academic year before the student intends to begin J.D. study; and
  5. Meet Willamette Law’s character and fitness requirements and comply with Willamette Law's general admissions policies.

Alternative eligibility for the direct admission program

An exemplary student who (A) wishes to participate in the Direct Admissions Program, (B) did not qualify to apply for the Direct Admissions Program because of his or her LSAT or GRE score, or GPA, but (C) who meets all other eligibility requirements, may contact Leah Straley at lstraley@willamette.edu to discuss alternative eligibility.