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Conversations About Landlord Tenant Law in Alaska

This series of educational videos gives answers to essential questions about renting an apartment, tenant rights, and landlord/tenant law in Alaska. The series was created by Prof. Ryan Fortson, J.D., Ph.D., UAA Justice Center, in cooperation with Daniel Coons, J.D., Alaska Legal Services Corporation, and produced and edited by Eric Baldwin, UAA Academic Innovations and eLearning.

Resources referenced in the videos are linked at the bottom of this webpage.

Videos in the series can be viewed on the Justice Center YouTube channel by clicking the links in the list below or by scrolling down and clicking on the videos embedded on this site.


Click the header for the video you'd like to see. The complete series of videos is also available as a playlist at the UAA Justice Center YouTube channel.

  • 1. Introduction (2:45)

    Introduction (2:45 mins.)

    Introducing a series of educational videos that give answers to essential questions about renting an apartment, tenant rights, and landlord/tenant law in Alaska.

  • 2. Moving In (3:42)

    Moving In (3:42 mins.)

    What should you know about moving into a new apartment in Alaska? This video covers establishing a good relationship with the landlord, good practices when first moving in to prevent problems down the line, and what landlords can require, under Alaska law, for security and pet deposits and application fees.

  • 3. Paying Rent (4:28)

    Paying Rent (4:28 mins.)

    What if you can't pay your full rent on time? This video addresses common questions about paying rent in Alaska, including late rent, late fees, eviction for nonpayment of rent, and when landlords are legally permitted to raise your rent.

  • 4. Leasing and Subleasing (4:09)

    Leasing and Subleasing (4:09 mins.)

    What should you look for in a lease or rental agreement? This video addresses common questions, including common provisions of lease and rental agreements, provisions that are prohibited by Alaska law, differences between apartment and mobile home rentals, and what's required if you want to sublease your apartment.

  • 5. Apartment Rules (4:36)

    Apartment Rules (4:36 mins.)

    Do you have to follow all the rules your landlord sets for your apartment? This video addresses this and other common questions about apartment rules, including what kind of rules landlords are allowed to make under Alaska law, and whether you can be evicted if you don't follow your landlord's rules.

  • 6. Landlord Responsibilities and Repairs (5:19)

    Landlord Responsibilities and Repairs (5:19 mins.)

     What obligations does a landlord have to fix things in your apartment? If something is broken, is the landlord expected to fix it, or do you have to just live with it?  This video addresses this and other common questions about the landlord's responsibility to maintain safe and healthy living conditions in your apartment.

  • 7. Moving Out (5:12)

    Moving Out (5:12 mins.)

    If you don't like your apartment, can you just move out and stop paying rent? How much notice are you required to give before you move out? This video addresses these and other common questions about moving out of a rental unit in Alaska.

  • 8. Reasons for Eviction (5:31)

    Reasons for Eviction (5:31 mins.)

    What are the most common reasons for eviction? How much notice is your landlord required to give you? This video addresses this and other common questions about the legal reasons under Alaska law for landlords to evict a tenant.

  • 9. Eviction Process (5:57)

    Eviction Process (5:57 mins.)


    How does the eviction process work in Alaska? Can a landlord just evict you, without first going to court? This video addresses this and other common questions about the legal process of eviction under Alaska law, and remedies for renters.
  • 10. Housing Discrimination (4:36)

    Housing Discrimination (4:36 mins.)

    This video discusses illegal housing discrimination according to federal, Alaska, and Anchorage law, how to tell if you are being discriminated against, and where to complain if you believe that your landlord or prospective landlord is discriminating illegally against you.

  • 11. Public & Subsidized Housing (4:54)

    Public & Subsidized Housing (4:54 mins.)

    What are the most common forms of public housing? How do you apply for public housing? This video addresses this and other common questions about public and subsidized housing in Alaska.


The materials in these videos are informational and educational only and do not constitute legal advice. You should not rely on the information presented here to solve a legal problem for you. Ever legal problem is different and there may be something about your situation that makes the general information presented here not applicable to you.

There is no attorney-client relationship between you and Ryan Fortson, J.D., Ph.D.; the UAA Justice Center; Daniel Coons, J.D.; or the Alaska Legal Services Corporation. You are strongly encouraged to seek the services of an attorney for legal advice and strategy regarding your particular situation.

The information presented in the videos was accurate to the best of Ryan Forton's and Daniel Coons' knowledge at the time it was posted. However, laws change frequently. Therefore, some of the information may be inaccurate or incomplete based on changed in the law since this video series was produced.


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