Physical Therapy Program

UAA is investigating a collaborative arrangement with another university to provide a Physical Therapy Program in Anchorage. Right now we are in the early stages and do not have an agreement with any particular university.

This program would likely be a professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). The DPT, awarded upon completion of a physical therapist professional education program, is an entry-level degree, and is intended for individuals who are not already Physical Therapists. Although not yet determined, the program will likely take 3.5 to 4 years to complete at the rate of approximately 9-12 credits per semester. After successful completion of the degree, you would receive a DPT from the university that is providing the program, and you would be eligible to sit for licensure exams.

The tuition for this program is not yet determined, and will depend on the tuition rates for the university that is providing the program.

For updated or additional information, please contact:

LeeAnne Carrothers
Director, School of Allied Health
College of Health
University of Alaska Anchorage

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