Pre-Professional Track

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  • Career Opportunities

    The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Pre-Professional (PP) Track provides training in public health and health education along with preparation for occupational therapy (OT), pharmacy, physical therapy (PT), physician assistant, or other professional health-related graduate programs. The BSHS pre-professional track includes an OT option, a PT option, a PA option and a pharmacy option.

    Prerequisites for graduate programs vary across graduate schools. The pre-professional track includes most prerequisites for many OT, PT, PA and pharmacy graduate programs. However, students must check the prerequisites for the schools they are planning to attend in order to ensure that they meet all admission requirements.

  • Required Courses

    In addition to the University requirements, students must complete 33 credits of track specific required core courses:

    • HS A210 Introduction to Environmental Health (3 credits) 
    • HS A220 Core Concepts in Health Sciences (3 credits)
    • HS A230 Introduction to Global Health (3 credits)
    • HS A326 Introduction to Epidemiology (3 credits)
    • HS A345 Planning and Implementation of Health Education Programs (3 credits)
    • HSISDC A370 Medical Sociology (3 credits)
    • HS/HUMS A420 Introduction to Program Evaluation (3 credits)
    • HSINS A433 Health Education: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
    • HS A492 Senior Seminar: Contemporary Health Policy (3 credits)
    • PEP A384 Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Health and Physical Activity (3 credits)
    • PHIL A302 Biomedical Ethics (3 credits)