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Minor in Public Health

UAA Health Sciences student does a turtle experiment


Public health can be defined as what “we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy” (Institute of Medicine, 1988). Public health is a diverse field that focuses on improving the health of entire populations. From clean air and water to use of seat belts and vaccinations, public health impacts every individual. Community-based health promotion programs, design and evaluation of environmental health interventions, and disease prevention measures improve public health activities and policies.

Students majoring in a subject other than Health Sciences who wish to minor in Public Health complete 9 hours of required courses and have an additional 9 hours of electives to choose from, for a total of 18 credits outlined below. Please make sure you review the course descriptions to determine if any required courses have prerequisites that must be met.

Core Courses

Complete the following core courses (9 credits):

  • HS A220 Core Concepts in Health Sciences (3)
  • HS A230 Introduction to Global Health (3)
  • HS A326 Introduction to Epidemiology (3)


Complete 9 additional credits from the list below:

  • HS A210 Introduction to Environmental Health (3)
  • HS A345 Planning and Management of Health Programs (3)
  • HS/HUMS A420 Introduction to Program Evaluation (3)
  • HS/NS A433 Health Education: Theory and Practice (3)
  • HS A492 Senior Seminar: Contemporary Health Policy (3)