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Application Procedure

  • Eligibility Requirements
    • Apply to UAA as a bachelor degree-seeking student majoring in dental hygiene.  All students are admitted as pre-majors.  Admission to the program as a pre-major does not guarantee admission as a full-major.  Admission to the full major is competitive.
    • Degree-seeking student status at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Students are encouraged to declare as Pre-Major Dental Hygiene prior to selection or submission of non-traditional credit.
    • Advising. Students are encouraged to meet with the Dental Hygiene faculty advisor prior to applying for the program or submitting a request for non-traditional credit. 
  • Entry-Level Bachelor's Degree Program

    Department Application Requirements

    1.  Proof of completion of prerequisite courses. 

    • Applicants outside the UA system must complete all prerequisite coursework with a 'C' or better and ensure proper documentation on their UAA transcript by the end of the University of Alaska Summer academic term.

    • UA students  must complete all prerequisite coursework with a 'C' or better and ensure proper documentation on their UAA transcript by the end of the University of Alaska Summer academic term. 

    • Unless otherwise approved by a faculty advisor, all coursework must match the courses listed as prerequisites. 

    • For selection purposes, the UAA Dental Hygiene Program will score candidates' coursework based on prerequisite science and prerequisite non-science GPAs.  Repeated course grades will be averaged together for the purpose of selection.

      Note: Effective for the 2021 selection and onward, the UAA Dental Hygiene Program prerequisite policy will be to accept the highest grade earned in a prerequisite course, with a limit of two attempts.  Students that have taken a prerequisite course two times or more before August 1, 2020 will be allowed to take a course one additional time to be considered for selection purposes and the highest grade earned will be used.

    2.  Provide contact information for three (3) professional references.  Applicants will be required to provide names and contact information for three professional references.  References should be someone in a supervisory capacity, such as an employer, teacher, or supervisor from a volunteer position.  Applicants will provide reference name and contact information in the online application.

    3.  Submit current ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills for Allied Health (ATI TEAS) scores. The ATI TEAS can only be taken once every six months and the minimum qualifying score for the dental hygiene program is 60.  Be sure to select U of A Anchorage AH as your institution so that we may receive your scores. Contact the UAA Testing Center (786-4525) for information about ATI TEAS administration.

    4. Complete academic advising session requirement.  Applicants are required to review the Dental Hygiene Advising PowerPoint, the BSDH Advising Syllabus, and take the Advising Quiz.  Taking the online quiz sends an email to the Program to indicate students have reviewed and understand the material, or that the student has taken the quiz and will make an appointment with a dental hygiene program advisor to address areas the student did not understand.  Regardless of how well the student understands the material in the PowerPoint and the BSDH Advising Syllabus, it is highly recommended that each student meet with the UAA Dental Hygiene faculty advisor for an application consultation before the end of the spring semester to ensure the student understands program policies/requirements and the application process.  Faculty are not available to meet during the summer.

    To schedule an advising session with the faculty advisor, Carri Shamburger, email or call 907-786-4344


    5.  Complete the Dental Hygiene Web Application no later than the application deadline.  Applicants are encouraged to review the sample application prior to starting the web application. Completion of prerequisite coursework and other application requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.  Admission to the full major is competitive. Note: While immunizations are not required for application, they are required for those accepted into the program.  The current immunization list can be found here.

    Supporting documentation such as recommendations and TEAS Exam scores may be uploaded with the application, or alternatively, submitted via email to by the deadline.



  • Bachelor's Degree Completion for Alaska Registered Dental Hygienists

    Registered Dental Hygienists

    Licensed dental hygienists wishing to complete their bachelor degrees should apply for the BS Dental Hygiene program through UAOnline.  Admissions for the completion degree is NOT selective.  All applicants are admitted as pre-majors and need to have majors changed to full major status after meeting with a program faculty advisor to ensure appropriate associate degree coursework (including science labs) is completed. All Associate Degree credits will need to be evaluated at the university level.  Students who have completed their Associates Degree outside of UAA will need to submit transcripts upon application to the university

    Applicants should contact the program to connect with the BSDH completion advisor to plan courses.  UAA DegreeWorks and the UAA catalog are also excellent references for degree planning

    Applicants should contact the program to connect with the BSDH completion advisor to plan courses.  UAA DegreeWorks and the UAA catalog are also excellent references for degree planning.  

     UAA now offers non-traditional credit for certified experience.  This exciting opportunity awards eligible hygienists and students the ability to waive lower division dental hygiene credits and apply for 18 upper division credits through a non-traditional credit process.  More information can be found here.  

Infectious Disease Policy

It is the policy of the UAA Dental Hygiene Program to protect the privacy and confidentiality of any faculty member, student, or staff member who has tested positive for an infectious disease. Dental personnel who pose a risk of transmitting an infectious disease must consult with appropriate health care professionals to determine whether continuing to provide professional services represents a risk to patients. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, all students will: (1) be immunized against the hepatitis B virus prior to their clinical training; (2) demonstrate proof of immunity to Hepatitis B.  Students are required to be immunized against hepatitis B as well as other infectious diseases such as mumps, measles, and rubella. UAA Dental Hygiene does not discriminate on the basis of infectious disease.