MS in Dietetics and Nutrition

The MS in Dietetics and Nutrition Master’s Degree Track provides the supervised practice requirements for entry-level practice as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) for those with a BS in Dietetics (or the required coursework from an ACEND accredited program and a DPD verification statement) OR additional study in dietetics and nutrition for RDNs currently registered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Future Education Model

Admission Requirements

  1. All applicants are required to submit an online application to UAA Office of Admissions with all required documents by the posted deadlines. 
  2. Satisfy admission requirements for graduate degrees.
  3. Copy of current RD/RDN credential from the Commission on Dietetic Registration OR meet all requirements for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Dietetic Internship.
  4. Letter of application, addressing the following items:
    1. Significant professional or volunteer responsibilities you have held,
    2. Professional goals and reasons for desiring to enroll in this program,
    3. Strengths that will help you succeed in this program and in reaching your professional goals,
    4. Personal interests in research and dietetics and nutrition,
    5. Research is required for all students in this program, either through a graduate project or thesis.  List the top two choices of DN faculty member you would most like to work with for academic advising. The DN faculty professional and research interests are as follows:
      1.  Dr. Carrie King (, 907-786-6597):  evidence-based practice, research involvement, research capacity building, research self-efficacy, profession of dietetics, dietetics education, practice-based research, culinary medicine, culinary literacy, pediatric nutrition, diabetes
      2. Dr. Amanda Walch (, 907-786-1362): diet quality, community-based participatory research (CBPR), public health, traditional foods, food security, nutrition education, nutrition counseling
      3. Dr. Leslie Redmond (, 907-786-4490): obesity and chronic disease prevention, multilevel interventions, nutrition and physical activity, food access, food policy, health equity, psychosocial studies, social determinants of health, Indigenous health, public health
    6. Provide any previous names your application materials may be submitted under.
  5. Current resume or CV, including documentation of the following:
    1. Paid work experience(s)
    2. Volunteer or community service experience(s)
    3. Professional organization membership(s)
  6. Two letters of recommendation that meet the following criteria:
    1. Letters must address prior academic, work or volunteer experience, with evidence of ability and willingness to work productively.
    2. Individuals who are qualified to address your professional, volunteer or academic experience and abilities.
    3. Written by a non-personal reference (i.e., not a family friend) and non-UAA DN faculty.
    4. When you complete your application using the online process through the UAA Office of Admissions, you will enter the contact information for your references.  References will recieve an email with a link and form to complete.
  7. A video interview presentation is required.  Provide the URL to your video presentation in the letter of application (indicate if there is any type of password required for access).  It is highly recommended that you have someone verify that your video is accessible from a user/computer other than yourself.
  • Video Interview Instructions

    As part of the application process you are required to provide a video recorded interview presentation addressing specific questions. This provides the DN faculty an opportunity to learn more about you.  The presentation must meet the following requirements:

      1. Must be accessible via the internet. You may limit viewers, but access must be given to the DN faculty. An unlisted link on You Tube is one easy option for providing web access to the video while still limiting access. The link will only be provided to the Selection Committee members.
      2. The presentation must not exceed 7 minutes in length.
      3. Professional video quality is not expected; the type of quality obtainable from a mobile device is sufficient. You will want to make sure the audio is clearly heard and understood.
      4. The video must contain your own image and voice.
      5. The video must address each of the questions below.

    Questions to address in your presentation:

    a. Briefly introduce yourself to the committee.

      1. What made you choose to major in Dietetics?
      2. What strengths or skills will you bring to the graduate program and the profession?
      3. What is an area in which you feel you need further growth or development?
      4. How do you feel your volunteer and/or work experience will help you be successful in the graduate program?
      5. What motivates you to put forth your best effort?
      6. Tell us about a significant accomplishment you’ve had and what made it meaningful.
      7. Is there anything else you would like to ask us or share with us?
  • Calendar for Applying to Program



    1. Review admission materials from the UAA Office of Admissions and the Dietetics and Nutrition graduate program.  

    As early as possible.

    2. Apply for UAA graduate school admission through the UAA Office of Admissions and submit all required application materials. 

    April 15  Master’s Degree Track (for applicants who are currently registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration)

    Nov 1  Combined Master’s Degree and Dietetic Internship Track for graduates of the UAA Didactic Program in Dietetics (If internship spots are available after the Nov 1 application cycle, the UAA Dietetic Internship will participate in the national application process that has an application deadline of February 15th annually. An announcement will be posted on the UAA Dietetic Internship website in late December if applicants will be accepted in cycle 2. For more information please see the UAA DI website.)

    3. Notice of DN graduate program admission decision e-mailed to applicant

    Within four weeks of application deadline

    4.Requests for consideration of transfer credit:  

    Note: Courses that were applied towards an undergraduate degree cannot be applied to the MS Dietetics and Nutrition.  

    Send an e-mail to the DN graduate program director with the following information

    1. Specific transfer course you are requesting be considered and which UAA course this could be applied to.
    2. Course descriptions for transfer course and UAA course this would be applied to.
    3. Course syllabus for the transfer course(s).

    Before first meeting with DN graduate program director following acceptance into the program.



  • After Admission

    Upon successful admission, prior to starting coursework, an advising meeting with assigned academic advisor (in person or by phone) is required.