Application Procedure


Due to the limited number of seats, registration in certain Medical Assisting courses requires a selection process.  Any student that wishes to graduate from the CMA Exam Preparation or the Associate's degree are required to meet the departmental application requirements as listed below.

Departmental Application Requirements

1. Apply for admission to the University. Students must be considered an undergraduate degree seeking at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Students are encouraged to declare the Pre-Major Medical Assisting major.  Students who are not pre-medical assisting majors will not be at a disadvantage in the application process.

2. Take UAA-approved Writing and Math placement exam(s) or complete appropriate prerequisite courses.  Students must test into ENGL A111/WRTG A111 Writing Across Contexts (or complete appropriate prerequisites) in order to successfully transition into and through the Medical Assisting (MA) courses.

3. Meet with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan and learn more about the medical assisting program.  Students are required to meet with an academic advisor to learn more about the career, program, application process and develop an academic plan.  

4. Complete required courses.  Students are generally encouraged to complete MA A101 Medical Terminology, CIS A105 Introduction to Personal Computers and Application Software,  and BIOL A100 Human Biology prior to being eligible for enrollment in MA A250 Clinical Procedures or MA A120 Office Procedure courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete MATH A105 or higher for the Medical Assisting program application, required for the AAS degree completion. 

5.  Complete Medical Assisting Program Application. The Medical Assisting department requires completion of a department application in order to receive department approval for MA A120 Medical Office Procedures and MA A250 Clinical Procedures I (Fall only courses).  These courses are required to make successful certificate or degree progress. Upon review of the initial application, a select number of applicants will be invited for an interview. 


Upon Acceptance

Students selected to enter the Clinical Core courses will be required to complete a five credit externship course in the summer.  Students are required to meet preclinical and clinical requirements