CMA Preparation and Degree Information


The UAA Medical Assisting program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting, as well as preparation for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination and an Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Medical Office Coding. The CMA program takes approximately one full calendar year to complete, if starting in the summer semester.  The Associate's degree takes an additional year of courses that can be completed before or after the CMA exam preparation.    The admittance process to the clinical core courses is competitive due to a limited number of positions available for each class.  For full application instructions please review the information on the How and When to Apply webpage.

For full information about our degree program and student learning outcomes, please review the  UAA Catalog.  

  • Prerequisites

    Demonstrate the following, or complete preparatory courses as recommended by the medical assisting academic advisor:

    • Placement into MATH A055 or above, or completion of MATH A054 with a minimum grade of C.
    • Placement into WRTG A111 or above, or completion, with a minimum grade of C, of WRTG A110 (or PRPE A108)
    • Recommended keyboarding skill of 45 wpm or completion of keyboarding course(s).

    Students are strongly encourged to complete the following courses prior to applying to the clinical core:

    • BIOL A100 Human Biology (3 credits) (BIOL A111 and BIOL A112 may subsitute BIOL A100)
    • CIS A105 Introduction to Personal Computers and Application Software (3 creditsor CIOS A130A Word Processing I: MS Word (1) and CIOS A135A Spreadsheets I: MS Excel (1 credit) and One additional credit of CIOS coursework (1 credit)
    • MA A101 Medical Terminology (3 credits)
  • CMA Preparation Requirements

    Complete the following required courses with a minimum grade of C in each course:

    • MA A104 Essentials of Human Disease (3 credits)
    • MA A220 Coding for the Medical Office (3 credits)
    • MA 235 Medical Billing, Insurance and Documentation (3 credits) (department approval requried)
    • PSY A150 Lifespan Development (3 credits)

    Complete the following clinical core courses*:

    • MA A120 Medical Office Procedures (4 credits) (Requires departmental approval)
    • MA A250 Clinical Procedures I (4 credits) (Requires departmental approval)
    • MA A255 Clinical Procedures II (4 credits) (Requires departmental approval)
    • MA A295 Medical Office Externship. (5 credits

    Successful completion of the above-listed 40 credits is required to be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Examination.

    *Registration in the clinical core courses is through an annual applicaiton process.  Learn more about how and when to apply.  

  • General Degree Requirements
    • WRTG A111 Writing Across Contexts (previously ENGL A111 Introduction to Composition)
    • WRTG A212 Writing for the Professions or WRTG A213, A211, or A214 (previously ENGL prefex) 
    • COMM A111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication or COMM A235 Small Group Communication or COMM A237 Interpersonal Communication or COMM A241 Public Speaking
  • Major Requirements
    • Complete the required courses for the Preparation for the Certified Medical Assisting (CMA) Examination with a minimum grade of C in each course. (40 credits)
    • Complete 8 to 9 credits in the following courses:

    • ACCT A101 Principles of Accounting I or ACCT A120 Bookkeeping for Business I (3 credits)
    • DN A101 Principles of Nutrition or DN A203 Nutrition for Health Sciences (3 credits)
    • MA A240 Medical Transcription II (3 credits)
    • MA A320 Advanced Case Studies in Medical Coding (2 credits)
    • MEDT A101 Phlebotomy Procedures (3 credits)
    • MEDT A110 Specimen Processing (3 credits)
    • MEDT A195A Phlebotomy Practicum (3 credits)
    • RADT A101 Radiation Protection and Biology for Limited Radiography Professionals (3 credits)
    • Or additinal program director-approved selective courses
    • Elective credits. (0-3 credits)

A minimum of 60 credits is required for this degree.

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