Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the AAS degree?
    Generally, students can complete the Associates degree in two and half to three years depending on completion of the science support classes and enrollment in MEDT A132.  Many students take longer due to extended enrollment in the science support courses or not contacting the department early enough to develop an academic plan in DegreeWorks.
  • Why am I required to take math if it isn't required for the AAS degree?
    Math A105 is a prerequisite for CHEM A103/L.  Therefore, students must either test into MATH A107 or above or complete MATH A105 prior to enrollment in CHEM A103/L.
  • What immunizations are required prior to Enrollment in MEDT A101 or MEDT A132?
    1. Immunity to rubella, rubeola, mumps and chicken pox confirmed by titer or current immunization.
    2. Immunity to hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Students must have started the immunization series prior to enrolling in the courses.
    3. Proof of one dose of Tdap as an adult followed by Td booster every ten years thereafter.
    4. Freedom from active tuberculosis, demonstrated by initial 2-step PPD followed by annual PPD.  If PPD is positive, proof of negative chest x-ray is required.