Medical Laboratory Science


UAA Medical Laboratory Technician

Program Overview

The Medical Laboratory Science Programs prepare students to become certified phlebotomists, medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory scientists. We offer a 9 credit Occupational Endorsement Phlebotomist that can be completed in 2 semesters, a 70 credit Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, which can be completed in 6 semesters, and a 124 credit Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, which can be completed in 4-5 years. The AAS degree articulates to the BS degree without loss of credit.  Students in the AAS and BS degrees are admitted as pre-majors and advance to the full major after completing the requirements for advancement.

Our Mission

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Science Department is to graduate competent and ethical clinical laboratory professionals with the knowledge and the skills for career entry. It is also the department's mission to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the clinical laboratory and professional organizations and to instill an understanding of the need for maintaining continuing competency in a rapidly changing and dynamic profession.

  • What is Medical Laboratory Science?
    Medical laboratory science professionals are diagnostic detectives providing physicians with the data necessary to diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent illness in their patients.  They use sophisticated biomedical instrumentation, (microscopes, and chemical and cell analyzers) to perform laboratory testing on blood and other body fluids. They provide laboratory data that aids in the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and bacterial infections to name a few.  


  • Is Medical Laboratory Science right for you?
    In order to participate in the UAA Medical Laboratory Science Programs, students must be able to comply with the essential functions, or request reasonable accommodations to execute these essential functions. Requirements include a sound intellect; good motor skills: eye-hand coordination and dexterity; effective communication skills; visual acuity to perform macroscopic and microscopic analysis, or read procedures, graphs, etc.; professional skills such as the ability to work independently, manage time efficiently, to comprehend, analyze and synthesize various materials, as well as to hold sound psychological health and stability. The Essentials Requirement for Enrollment form can be found here.








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