Medical Office Coding, OEC


The UAA Medical Office Coding program provides education toward becoming a medical office coder in an outpatient medical setting.  We offer a 17-credit undergraduate Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) that is typically completed over three academic semesters of part-time coursework.  Students can start taking courses in any semester.  Upon completion of the OEC, professional certification is available through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

Program Highlights

  • 17 credit Occupational Endorsement Certificate
  • Fall, Spring and Summer Semester start options
  • Certificate is typically completed in three semesters of half-time enrollment.
  • Some courses offered in an online learning format.
  • Courses prepare students to take the AAPC Professional Coder (CPC) exam


What is a coder?

Medical office coders work in medical offices and outpatient settings coding medical records for statistical and reimbursement purposes. A good understanding of medical terminology is essential for diagnosis and procedure coding. An understanding of human biology or anatomy and physiology is also necessary for a medical coder to accurately interpret what one is attempting to code. 

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