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Application Procedure


Admission into the UAA Radiologic Technology program is a two-part process:

  • Admission to the University of Alaska Anchorage as an undergraduate degree-seeking student (associate’s or bachelor’s level) AND
  • Admission to the Radiologic Technology program through a department application process.

The Radiologic Technology program selects a limited number of applicants each year into its full-major program. Admissions into the program is competitive and acceptance into the university as a degree-seeking student does not guarantee selection into the full-major program.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Undergraduate degree-seeking student status at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  UAS and UAF students must also submit an application to become degree-seeking students at UAA.
  2. Complete the prerequisite course requirements by the application deadline. 
  3. Complete and submit application to the Radiologic Technology Program by the application deadline.
    Note: The admissions procedure is a multi-step process.  All applications are reviewed and scored, and only top ranking students are invited to sit for an interview.  Please see the application/score sheet for a review of the application scoring process.

Department Application Requirements

1.  Proof of completion of prerequisite courses.  Applicants must complete all prerequisite coursework and ensure proper documentation on the UAA transcript by the end of the University of Alaska Spring academic term.  Unless otherwise approved by a faculty advisor, all courses must match the courses listed as prerequisites. Note: Admissions to the program is competitive and grades earned on prerequisite courses are used to determine final ranking of all applicants.  Please see the application/score sheet for a review of this process.
2.  Course Exception for Transfer Students. All students submitting any transfer credits to be evaluated for application or to meet graduation requirements must complete and submit the Course Exception for Transfer Students form to determine whether an exception for transfer credits is necessary. Deviations from listed prerequisite and degree requirements must be approved through a departmental waiver or academic petition process. Such requests must be completed prior to the application deadline. Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and may require students to submit additional documentation. 


3. Proof of Immunizations. Applicants will need proof of one of the following:

  1. Completion of Hepatitis B vaccination series with proof of immunity through titer drawn no sooner than thirty days after last vaccination.  Titer must be within the previous year.  Lab report dated before May 15, 2021 will not be accepted and applicant will need to have another titer drawn.


  1. In-progress Hepatitis B vaccination series - first injection must be completed by application deadline.

Please note Hepatitis B is the only vaccination required to apply to the program.  Upon acceptance into the program, immunizations will be required for the clinical portion of the program.  Please do not submit any immunization documentation other than the Hepatitis B vaccine when applying to the program. Learn more about student requirements upon acceptance into the program.

4.  Complete the AAS Radiologic Technology web application.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the sample application prior to starting the web application.  The application takes approximately 10-15 minutes.  

5. Application Procedure / Score Sheet. A cumulative GPA will be calculated for all students.  The cumulative GPA will include all credits to include all transfer credits accepted by UAA.  Admissions to the program is competitive and the cumulative GPA will be used to determine final ranking of all applicants.  Please see the application/score sheet for a review of this process. 

6. Interview.  Upon review of the initial application, a select number of applicants will be invited for an interview using a web based interview platform.  Invitations for an interview will also include further information and instructions.

Upon Acceptance