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Associate of Applied Science, Radiologic Technology


The UAA Radiologic Technology Program is a 70-credit Associate of Applied Science degree program.  The program takes approximately three years of full-time enrollment to complete-- one year of prerequisite courses and two years of radiologic technology courses.  The admittance process is competitive due to a limited number of positions available for each class.  Completion of the admission requirements does not guarantee selection into the Radiologic Technology full-major program.  Some fully qualified applicants may not be accepted.  For full application instructions please review the information on the How and When to Apply webpage.

For full information about our degree program and student learning outcomes, please review the UAA Catalog.  

Distance Delivered Site Information

The Radiologic Technology Program distance delivers their program to select Alaska communities.  Students who apply to a distance site must follow the same admissions process as those students applying to the Anchorage campus, including being admitted to the University of Alaska Anchorage as a degree-seeking student.  Students who are accepted at a distance site attend classes on UA campuses in those communities through video conferencing.  Students may also be required to attend a 3-4 week clinical session in Anchorage during the summer after their first year.

  • Prerequisite Requirements

    Complete the program prerequisite courses by the program application deadline. Admissions to the program is competitive and grades earned on prerequisite courses are used to determine final ranking of all applicants.  Please see the application / score sheet for a review of this process.

    • BIOL A111/L Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (4)
    • BIOL A112/L Anatomy and Physiology II with lab (4)
    • MA A101 Medical Terminology (3)
    • Complete 3 credits from the GER Oral Communication Skills list.
    • Complete 6 credits from the GER Written Communication Skills list.
    • Complete 3 credits from the GER Quantitative Skills list or MATH A105. To determine the appropriate quantitative skills course, students must work with their academic advisor as AAS degrees and pathways differ.

      For full information about our degree program and general degree requirements, please review the UAA Catalog.  
  • Major Requirements
    Upon selection into the full-major program, students will be required to complete five (5) semesters of radiologic technology coursework as detailed below.

    RADT Course Sequencing

    Fall Semester, 
    First Year
      (11 credits)

    Spring Semester,
    First Year (8 credits)

    Summer Semester, 
    First Year
     (6 credits)

    RADT A111 Introduction to Radiologic Technology & Patient Care (3)

    RADT A131 Radiographic Procedures I (3)

    RADT A131L Radiographic Procedures I Lab (0)

    RADT A151 Medical Imaging Physics (2)

    RADT A161 Fundamentals of Medical Imaging I (3)

    RADT A132 Radiographic Procedures II (3)

    RADT A132L Radiographic Procedures II Lab (0)

    RADT A171 Fundamentals of Medical Imaging II (3)

    RADT 195A Radiography Practicum I (2)

    RADT A195B Radiography Practicum II (6)

    Fall Semester, 
    Second Year 
    (12 credits)
    Spring Semester, 
    Second Year
     (10 credits)

    RADT A133 Radiographic Procedures III (3)

    RADT A251 Radiobiology & Protection (2)

    RADT A272 Quality Control in Medical Imaging (2)

    RADT A295A Radiography Practicum IV (5)

    RADT A211 Radiologic Pharm & Drug (1)

     RADT A280 Medical Imaging Pathology (3)

    RADT A282 Current Issues in Radiologic Technology (1)

    RADT A295B Radiography Practicum V (5)