Surgical Technology

  • UAA Surgical Technician Students
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  • UAA Surgical Technician Students
  • UAA Surgical Technician Students


Program Overview

The Surgical Technology program prepares students for employment as entry surgical technologists.  We offer a 63-credit Associate of Applied Science degree that takes approximately two academic years of full-time enrollment to complete.  Students enrolled in our full-major Surgical Technology program complete clinicals alongside working professionals in local hospitals and surgery centers.

What is Surg Tech?

Surgical technologists, otherwise known as scrub techs, are operating room specialists who perform specific duties for pre-, intra-, and postoperative case management. Surgical technologists must be knowledgeable in asepsis and sterile technique, and must be able to properly care for instrumentation, equipment and supplies.  Surgical case management, wound care and closure, and surgical patient care and safety all fall within the realm of the surgical technologist’s responsibilities

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