Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students get into the full-major program each year?
    The Dental Hygiene program accepts 14 students each year into it's full-major program.
  • Is this program available online?
    No. While general education degree requirements for the Bachelor's of Science degree may be available online through at least one UA campus, courses associated with the competitive selection, five semester core curriculum of the entry-level Bachelor degree require full-time, on-campus enrollment at UAA. Most of the bachelor degree completion for licensed hygienists with an associate degree in dental hygiene may be completed online. 
  • How many applications does the program receive each year?
    The number of applications that the Dental Hygiene program receives each year fluctuates.  However, the program typically receives anywhere from 35-50 applications each year.
  • How can I become a competitive applicant?

    Competitive applicants have strong science and non-science GPAs and strong TEAS V exam scores.  Top tier candidates are offered interviews. Therefore, interview skills are also important.