Research Projects

Research conducted in the Human Performance Lab is focused on assessing physical activity and physical fitness among students, employees and the community for the purposes of improving health, quality of life, and athletic performance.

Conference Presentations

Poster Presentation
Madeline and Jun at the 2019 ACSM Northwest Chapter Meeting in Bend, Oregon. 

Title: "Do Know Your Numbers Participants Meet The National Recommended Physical Activity as a Vital Sign?" 


Maryann V. Hoke, MS, NSCA-CSCS; Junland Navarro, ACSM-CPT; Madeline Eliassen, ACSM-CPT; Yvonne Jeschke; Liam Lindsay; Darrion Gray; Sierra Mains

The purpose of the research study is to assess whether participants in the Fall 2018 “Know Your Numbers” (KYN) program are meeting the national recommendations for physical activity through the assessment of Physical Activity as a Vital Sign (PAVS). KYN was a two-day program (Fall 2018) which included a fitness assessment and exercise prescription led by undergraduate students in PEP 454 Exercise Testing and Prescription at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA).  KYN participants were asked to partake in the collection of PAVS for the current research project throughout the duration of the program.


2019 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Northwest Chapter Meeting in Bend, Oregon 

2019 Positive Leadership for Active Alaska Youth (PLAAY) Summit in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Employee Wellness Poster Presenters
Kyra and Dr. Jean Marcey at the National Wellness Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Title: "Creating a Culture of Wellness on Campus: Students Teaching the Masters"


Kyra McKay, UAA Employee Wellness Coordinator, and Dr. Jean Marcey, Assistant Professor

The purpose of the UAA Employee Wellness Program is to meet the needs of the UAA community by helping employees improve their overall health and wellness. Concomitantly, it allows the Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation to provide a learning laboratory for students through community engaged coursework, while demonstrating its capacity to deliver a comprehensive wellness program in a climate of declining budgets.


2017 National Wellness Conference, Cultivating Cultures That Flourish: Foundations and Innovations in Wellness Promotion in St. Paul, Minnesota.