Lactate Threshold Test

Lactate Threshold

The Lactate Threshold (LT) Test is conducted on a treadmill, rowing ergometer or bike (HPL or client). Protocol includes step minute stages of progressive workloads with blood lactate collection (finger or earlobe pinprick) at rest, end of each successive stage and during recovery.

Lactate levels are highly correlated with performance and often used to determine training zones. Lactate threshold is the maximal intensity that one can maintain for a period of time without tipping the balance between production and clearance of lactate in the blood. Once tipped, muscle fatigue will ensue.

We recommend the test be completed during a recovery period to minimize effects from overall training fatigue. This test may be combined with the VO2 Max or Metabolic Efficiency tests utilizing the metabolic analyzer for additional fee.

LT Test

Data collected: Blood lactate (mmol/L), HR, speed or watts, RPE (rate of perceived exertion)

Test Length: 60 - 90 minutes

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