Metabolic Efficiency Point Test

The Metabolic Efficiency Point Test is an ideal test to determine how much carbohydrate and fat is burned during aerobic exercise, as well as what proportion of these fuels your muscles prefer per stage (workload) using metabolic monitor measurements gathered from expired air. 

Lab tech looking at a computer and a client running on a treadmill

The test is divided into two protocols depending on performance goals and training period. Either protocol is considered a submax test. The base or off season protocol is geared towards detecting your fuel utilization (carbohydrate and fat burning ratios) at various intensities/workloads determined by HR, watts or speed and RPE. This data is vital to adjusting macronutrient composition of your daily diet as well as fuel intake surrounding training.

The competition season protocol is geared toward detecting your fuel utilization at your self-selected race pace, knowing carbohydrate and fat utilization and how much of each fuel will provide valuable data for race day nutrition needs. The metabolic analyzer and accessory equipment is used with these tests.

Data Collected: VO2, VCO2, HR, grade, speed or watts, RER (respiratory exchange ratio), RPE (rate of perceived exertion), metabolic parameters (calories, carbs, fat)

Test Length: 120 minutes

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