Resting Metabolic Rate

The Metabolic Test provides insight into TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is a measurement of the energy you burn each day for basic living functions. This test is highly accurate and uses the same technology utilized in hospitals to determine the amount of fat and carbohydrate you are burning (% fat, % carb, and grams) using the Parvo Medic TrueOne Metabolic Analyzer or the Cosmed Quark CPET Metabollic Analyzer. 

technician on the computer while client with a RMR mask is laying supine on a bed

Testing is done in a fasted state while in a relaxed supine position for 30 minutes. This test includes the metabolic analyzer to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange, which requires wearing a breathing mask and light headgear.

Data collected: RMR, resting HR, RER (respiratory exchange ratio), metabolic parameters (calories, carbs (%, grams), fat (%, grams)

Test Length: 45 minutes

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