VO2 Max Test

VO2 Max tests

The VO2 (volume of oxygen) Max Test is considered the best measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness. It determines your maximum aerobic capacity, the body's ability to transport and utilize oxygen during exercise. A very high level of physical exertion is required to conduct this test.

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If you do not see any date available, the Human Performance Lab is fully booked or the test is not currently available. Contact hper@alaska.edu or call (907)786-4083 for more information.

The protocol for the VO2 max test starts with a warm-up stage then every three minutes the stage will increase in intensity (speed, incline and/or resistance). Data is gathered during each progressive stage. Upon reaching the maximum heart rate and/or peak values the exercise stages are stopped and the client cools-down for a period of time while additional data is gathered. Bruce Protocol Chart

Data collected: VO2, VCO2, HR, grade, speed or watts, RER (respiratory exchange ratio), RPE (rate of perceived exertion), metabolic parameters (calories, carbs, fat) The Parvo Medic TruOne metabolic monitor is used in the UAA Human Performance Lab. This metabolic cart is used at NASA, USOC (US Olympic Center), Cooper Institute, and many universities. The Parvo is one of the most accurate devices made.

Test Length: 90 minutes

Bruce Protocol VO2 Max Treadmill