VO2 Submax Test

Lab techs and a client on a bike

The VO2 Submax Test follows a similar protocol as the VO2 Max but the test is terminated at approximately 85% of the client’s predicted maximum capacity (determined by heart rate). This is a less invasive test (without use of the metabolic analyzer) and provides data to determine appropriate training zones. The submax exercise test can be used to estimate maximal VO2. Metabolic Analyzer is not used with these tests.

Data collected: HR, grade, speed or watts, RPE (rate of perceived exertion), and blood pressure.

Test Length: 60 minutes

To book a VO2 Submax Test, first select which type of client you are:

 If you do not see any date available, the Human Performance Lab is fully booked or the test is not currently available. Contact hper@alaska.edu or call (907)786-4083 for more information.