Application Procedure

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Degree-seeking student status at UAA.  Students are encouraged to declare the AAS Pre-Major Physical Therapist Assistant major.  UAS and UAF students must also submit an application to become degree-seeking students at UAA.
  2. Complete or be in progress of the prerequisite course requirements by the application deadline.  All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade 'C ' or better by the start of the PTA program, with the exception of BIOL A111/L and BIOL A112/L, for which the minimum required grade is a ‘B’.  While students may apply for admission into the PTA program while still taking prerequisites, applications from students whose grades are reported by the application deadline and have "B's'" or better in all course prerequisites will have a competitive advantage.
  3. Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above including coursework from non-UA colleges or universities. Students may request a GPA calculation by contacting Allied Health Student Success Coordinator at 907-786-4573.
  4. Complete and submit complete application to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. PTA application will be available August 1 to September 11, 2023.

Department Application Requirements

1. Complete thirty (30) hours of clinical observations. Two different volunteer/observation or work experiences are required as part of the application process. Clinical observations/work experience must total a minimum of 30 hours in an inpatient and outpatient clinical setting (minimum of 15 hours required in each setting).  Applicants will be required to upload the completed observation forms to the online application. 


2. Provide contact information for three (3) professional references.  Applicants will be required to provide names and contact information for three professional references.  References should be someone in a supervisory capacity, such as an employer, teacher, or supervisor from a volunteer position.  Applicants will provide reference name and contact information in the online application.

3. Complete AAS Physical Therapist Assistant Web Application from August 1 to September 11, 2023.  Applicants are encouraged to review the sample application prior to starting the web application.  

Selection Criteria

Applicants with a complete application are selected for admission based upon prerequisite course grades, cumulative GPA, recommendations, and observation evaluation forms. Applications will be reviewed after the application deadline; interviews will be by invitation with a writing sample to be completed the day of the interview.  

Upon Acceptance

  • Proof of completion of all immunization requirements as listed on the School of Allied Health website.  
  • Proof of initiation of criminal background check as instructed by the PTA program office.