Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many degrees within the School of Allied Health have a Pre-Major.  What is a Pre-Major?
    Many, but not all programs within the School of Allied Health have selective criteria and/or limited space in full-majors.  Therefore, students who apply to the Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory, or Radiologic Technology programs are initially admitted into Pre-Major degree seeking status.  Admission into the Pre-Major does not guarantee admission into the full-major.  Students are advised to contact the program advisor at the earliest opportunity for further information about special program requirements. 
  • What is UAOnline?
    UAOnline is the secure site for the University of Alaska. All University of Alaska students, from all three campuses and our numerous extended sites, have a UAOnline account. All current and former students have a UAOnline account.  Regardless of your current registration status, if you are a former student who attended the University of Alaska after the summer of 1982, you may be able to access your UAOnline account.
  • What is the difference between UAOnline and Blackboard?
    UAOnline is used to locate your academic records, registration activity, financial aid eligibility, and is also used to access unofficial transcripts.  Blackboard (Bb) is an online learning system.  Blackboard does contain grade information, but it is course specific.  Web courses are delivered entirely over Bb.  Other on-campus courses use a Bb as a supplement to their courses.   Some university organizations use Blackboard as an online community where its students can communicate with each other.
  • What is the difference between my UA ID number and my username? 
    Your UAID is an eight (8) digit number that is your student identification number.  It is the number you use to identify yourself on all university paperwork in addition to the number you will use to log on to UAOnline. Your username is used to log onto Blackboard, university computers, and is also the first part of your email address and is typically comprised of your first and middle initials and all or part of your last name.
  • What is the Course Catalog?
    The Course Catalog is a yearly publication that outlines all of the current certificate and degree requirements for all programs within the university system.  It outlines procedures, gives detailed descriptions of all the degree requirements, and even gives descriptions of most of the courses that the university offers.  It is important because program changes from year to year influence your program completion.  If you enter into a program during the Fall 2007-Spring 2008 school year, then you will use that particular course catalog to guide you through all the necessary degree requirements for your program.  The Catalog is a rather hefty read, most of which you will not need, however it does provide a lot of useful information regarding the UA policies and procedures.
  • What is the Course Schedule?

    The course schedule is put out every semester and lists all the course offerings during that semester.  The schedule contains important dates for that particular semester, and includes course information including the Course Registration Number (CRN) as well as the section number and a brief description.  Online version so the course schedule can be found at the Schedules Homepage.

  • How do I know what class to sign up for?

    The courses you register for will depend on previous college credits (UAA and/or transfer credits), math and english placement test results, program requirements and how many classes you personally want to take.  The School of Allied Health encourages all students to meet with an academic advisor for a list of recommended courses.

  • How do I sign up for classes?

    Students register for classes using UAOnline.  Some courses require department or instructor approval.  If you are unable to sign up for a course, students need to contact the departments directly.  Student tutorials are available through UAA's Office of the Registrar at the Student Tutorials Homepage.