Pre-Pharmacy Advising

Congratulations on starting your Pre-Pharmacy journey at UAA. In pursuing a pharmacy education, many students receive conflicting and confusing information about where to start and how to prepare themselves for pharmacy school. This website is designed to provide some basic information about what is available at UAA and to answer general questions about being a pre-pharmacy students. 

Where do I start?

Career exploration is one of the most important steps in pursing an academic program.  Like other professional programs, preparation for pharmacy school is an extensive process including years of investment in taking prerequisite and degree requirements, admissions test preparation, and application to pharmacy school.  And this is all before you even start pharmacy school.  Therefore, taking the time to discover whether pharmacy school is right for you, is an important and worthwhile step.

Preparing for Pharmacy School

  • Research prospective schools to assist in developing an academic plan.  Identify prerequisite coursework and admissions requirements and develop a short and long term plan for preparing for the application process.  A full list of pharmacy schools with links to their websites can be found on the AACP website
  • Meet with your advisor to develop an academic plan in Degreeworks to keep you on track.  Students are welcome to meet with the Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, Lynda Hernandez, to discuss the process of preparing for pharmacy school at 907-786-4894.
  • Gain experience by shadowing a pharmacist, conduct undergraduate research, or even become a pharmacy technician.
  • Maximize your undergraduate experience by getting involved on campus and in the community.  Participate in a club or another on-campus organization or volunteer your time to worthy cause.
  • Have more questions about preparing for pharmacy school?  Check out our FAQ page.

Opportunities for Alaska Students

Applying to Pharmacy School

  • Research Pharmacy Schools and Programs
    Review prerequisite and application requirements; narrow down a list of schools that you plan to apply to.  Make a timeline of admissions deadlines and requirements that need to be completed.
  • Take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) 
    Most (but not all schools) require the PCAT.  Research individual schools admission requirements to determine whether taking the PCAT is necessary.
  • Ready Supplemental Documents
    Almost all schools require multiple letters of recommendation and application essays.  Identify potential recommenders early in the process and provide recommenders with plenty of time to write a letter of recommendation.  Use the on-campus writing center to assist you with refining and proofreading your personal statements and supplemental essays.
  • Submit Applications
    Most applications to pharmacy school will be submitted through the Pharmacy College Application Service, otherwise known as the PHARMCAS.  The PHARMCAS is a centralized application service that allows students to apply to multiple programs and schools through one central process.  A small number of schools do not use PHARMCAS.  Students will need to review the application process if they are planning on apply to a non-participating PHARMCAS school.  A full list of schools is available on the AACP website.
  • Prepare for Interviews
    Unless otherwise indicated, students should be prepared on appearing in-person for pharmacy school interviews.  UAA Career Services offers mock interviews to help students practice interviewing skills.  

Financing your Pharmacy Education