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Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School

The IHI Open School for Health Professions is an interprofessional educational community that gives students the skills to become change agents in health care improvement. 

We’re talking about skills like quality improvement, patient safety, teamwork, leadership, and patient-centered care. Employers are looking for these skills, and patients expect providers to have them. But most schools barely touch on these topics. We’re here to fill that void.

Here's what the IHI Open School can offer you:

  • Online courses written by world-renowned faculty. Boost your skills and your resume anywhere you have Internet access. 
  • A network of students like you.  Connect with students fromother professions, states, and countries, through our online discussions and face-to-face campus Chapters.
  • Case studies, podcasts, videos, featured articles  and a bounty of other online resources
  • IHI Certificates of Completion (coming soon).  We will soon offer certificates of completion in quality improvement, patient safety, and other topics. 

Students in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, policy, and other health professions can think of the IHI Open School as their “other school”  an educational community that’s free and open no matter where they are.

There are no applications, no admissions requirements, and no due dates.  

The IHI Open School including all of our online tools and resources, and our online courses is open and free for students of all health care professions.  During this limited prototyping phase, we are also making these resources available for free to non-students.

Register on the IHI Open School Website:

Upcoming Meetings

To Be Announced

VIDEO:  Improving Patient Safety and Quality Care in Alaska
Panelists discuss patient safety and quality care issues in Alaska, describe waht processes are being addressed to improve patient safety and quality care issues in the state, and identify opportunities for students and new graduates to gain skills in patient safety and quality improvement.

Contact Information

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Heidi Mannion, Ph.D., Medical Laboratory Science Program