UAA Nursing Scholarship


When students choose to leave nursing school, the most commonly reported reason is "financial hardship." Seeking to help students overcome this avoidable challenge, four SON emerita faculty donated $4,000 to create the UAA Nursing Scholarship and provide the funding our students need to successfully complete the program. 

Funding Goal

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by June 30, 2019. With these funds, we will award $10,000 in scholarships to SON students in Fall 2019 and use the remaining $40,000 to start an endowment. With your help, over the next few years, we plan to use the UAA Nursing Scholarship to award $10,000 in scholarships to support SON nursing students every year into perpetuity! 

We've made great progress toward our goal, but we need your help to fund this vital scholarship!

When you click the button below to visit the donation page, please be sure to select the "UAA Nursing Scholarship" for the designation of your donation. This will ensure your funds go to support the direct success of SON's students. 
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Thank You to Our Donors

The School of Nursing would like to thank the generous donors who have supported the UAA Nursing Scholarship and Endowment fund between July 2018 and June 2019. You are integral to the success of our students and we could not do the work we do without your generous support!

Platinum ($5,000+)

  •  Alaska Kidney Foundation

Gold ($2,500-$4,999)

  • John and Tina DeLapp
  • Kathleen Sutcliffe and Timothy Wintermute

Diamond ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Cynthia D. Booher
  • Deborah W. Hansen
  • Judith A. Petersen
  • LuAnn and Dale Webb
  • Ragu and Sangeeta Bhargava

Silver ($500-$999)

  • Ammie L. Tremblay
  • Anonymous
  • Bob and Chris Urata
  • Jeffrey Jessee, Dean of the College of Health
  • Sammye and Vince Pokryfki
  • UAA Provost John and Marcy Stalvey
  • Women of the Moose

Jade ($250-$499)

  • Angelia C. Trujillo
  • Cathy Sandeen, Chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Denise and Jerome Scholze
  • Hayley C. Crow
  • Kathryn and Scott Sexson
  • Marianne Murray, Director of the School of Nursing
  • Michael Grandinetti and Patricia Hong
  • Ronald L. Lombard
  • Sandra L. Zirnheld

Bronze ($100-$249)

  • Ali R. Pouretezadi
  • Andrew Feild and Suzanne Ban
  • Anne and Raymond Gauthier
  • Ben and Lisa Jackson
  • Bobbie J. Perkins
  • Cameron and Shannon Vivian
  • Candy and Gabriel Zacher
  • Christine T. Fontaine
  • Dorothy P. Fulton
  • Elizabeth and David Predeger
  • Gail E. Charles
  • Greta L. Mahowald
  • Heidi Hurliman and Kit Coleman
  • James S. Arendash
  • Jonna L. Gerboth
  • Judith M. Kito
  • Katherine L. Ingallinera
  • Katherine and Ivan Williamson
  • Linda and Thomas Longstaff
  • Lynn and Brent Senette
  • Mary A. Hautman
  • Morgan and James Crowder
  • Nancy L. Babcock
  • Ralph D. Lynch
  • Renee M. Darrenkamp
  • Robae and Maurice Robinson
  • Sharman Haley
  • Stanley and Patricia Senner
  • Steven E. Link

Copper (up to $99)

  • Alicia M. Ayers
  • Andrea and Richard Rhyner
  • Anonymous
  • Cable P. Starlings
  • Chad W. Holt
  • Courtney Meisten
  • Deborah and Roy Chavarria
  • Don and Annette Rearden
  • Donald Laichak
  • Greg and Margaret Mete
  • Henry and Barbara Pennington
  • Jean E. Turner
  • Jenny A. Landen
  • Jerry Rivas
  • Jessica S. Ullrich
  • Joan Diamond Palmer and Robert Palmer
  • Kathaleen and Scott Wellmann
  • Keith D. Goering
  • Lisa and Peter Howlett
  • Mary and Matthew Mills
  • Melanie Arnolds
  • Michelle E. Foint-Anderson
  • Mohammed Siddiqui and Latora Subani
  • Rachelle K. White
  • Roxie M. Quick
  • Sandra L. Estenson
  • Shannon G. Konkler
  • Shirley and Robert Davis
  • Stephen P. Josephson
  • Theresa D. Heitman
  • Tom and Kathy Wood
  • Woong Olson
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