Student Success Rates

Program Completion Rate

Percentage indicates the number of students who began and graduated together; it does not account for students who finished outside of their intended completion semester.

Program Year of Graduation Nursing Graduation Rate Number of Graduating Students
AAS 2015-2016 86.1% 116
BS 2016-2017 87.2% 117
Graduate 2015-2016 82% 23

NCLEX/Certification Pass Rate

Program Year of Graduation NCLEX/Certification 
First-Time Pass Rate
AAS 2015-2016 87.9%
BS 2016-2017 92.1%
Graduate (NPs) 2015-2016 100%

Job Placement Rate

The majority of the School of Nursing's graduates obtain jobs as RNs or NPs within 9 to 12 months of graduation after they take and pass their certification exams.

Program Year of Graduation Job Placement Rate
AAS 2015-2016 85%
BS 2015-2016 80%
Graduate 2015-2016 100%